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Newborn Care DVD and Website - New Information For 2015

Newborn care is a topic widely discussed by both new parents and pediatricians. We see about forty newborns a month in our practice. What we have found over the years is that the families ask the same questions regarding the care of their newborns. As pediatricians with over 50 years experience, we felt it would be helpful to make a newborn care video to address these questions. Knowledgeable and prepared parents are more relaxed and can enjoy the experience with their newborn to the fullest. In the newborn video, we will discuss common topics and answer the most frequently asked questions to help prepare new parents for this great new adventure!

"We learned more in one hour from this video than we did in our 5 weeks of child birth classes." - Tim and Rachel - Burbank, CA

In our pediatric practice, parents of newborns range from calm to anxious. We have created a framework that illustrates how parents are feeling when faced with questions and challenges of newborn care. We call this framework "Parental Comfort Zones" (tm). The goal of the newborn care video and website is to educate and prepare new parents for the challenges they are going to face and transition them into a healthy "Zone".

The newborn care video will start by discussing the preparation for the newborn's arrival and cover topics including choosing a pediatrician, questions to ask your obstetrician, and how to prepare the house for a newborn. We have created a download list of what to bring to the hospital as well as what to have at home to help prepare for your newborn's arrival.

The newborn video will also cover common topics including newborn feeding. This is the most common topic that is discussed in our pediatric office and the most commonly searched newborn term on the internet. Another topic of concern for parents is newborn crying, which can be very frustrating and scary to new parents without much experience in this area. Our newborn video will educate you in some of the causes of crying, which may include newborn colic, a poorly misunderstood behavior of a newborn.

Newborn jaundice is another topic of great interest. A significant number of newborns will have jaundice, which will be followed by your pediatrician. Our video will discuss the relationship of newborn jaundice and weight loss, which may reduce a new parent's anxiety for this very common issue.

Another common concern by parents is how frequently their newborn spits up. Although usually harmless, newborn reflux can have some potential problems for the baby and what a pediatrician may be concerned about is highlighted in our video.

We all like to sleep, and some of us appreciate it more than others. After your newborn arrives, you will appreciate the sleep you get that much more! On the newborn video, newborn sleeping patterns are discussed as well as when to consult your pediatrician for specific newborn sleep issues.

An important subject to discuss when speaking of newborn sleep is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Our video discusses the latest strategies to decrease the occurrence of this terrible event.

A common topic in the media surrounding newborns and infants is vaccinations. Our video will discuss the latest recommendations of newborn vaccinations.

Our newborn care website will provide you with a bulletin board community to share your questions with other visitors, which may be helpful in your journey into parenthood. In addition, we have given you a great newborn care resource directory which will provide useful information during this new time of your life. We hope you enjoy our newborn care Website.

We will consistently update the Website with information to help new parents ease into parenthood and maximize their enjoyment of this incredible experience. Remember, always consult your pediatrician if concerned about your newborn.

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Newborn Care Tips

Winter Tip

As winter arrives, there are a few newborn care recommendations that become more important.

First, make sure your newborn is not too warm for sleeping as overheating is a risk factor for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The
temperature of the room is recommended to be 68-72 degrees and your newborn should be lightly dressed.

A good way to measure if your newborn is too hot is to feel the nape of his neck.If its neck is wet with perspiration, your baby is too hot and needs a layer removed.

Second, the cold temperatures and the holidays make for crowds of people together indoors.Make sure close contacts to your newborn have been vaccinated with the flu shot and have had their whooping cough vaccine.

Check out more newborn care information on our frequently asked questions age. In addition, you can visit our previous tips of the season. We also have a great newborn resources page.

Of course the most comprehensive amount of newborn information is on our Newborn Care DVD which comes with an excellent 12 page guide. An excellent baby shower gift for new parents.

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