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Newborn Video: Newborn Care 101: What Parents Need To Know

If you are about to have a newborn in your life, this newborn video is perfect for you. The DVD covers a pediatrician’s view of what is important to know, from the end of pregnancy through the newborn period, watching from the comfort of your own home!

Included in this newborn DVD packet:

Newborn Care The most frequently asked questions to a pediatrician
Newborn Care Newborn parenting class
Newborn Care Newborn questions and answers from the newborn class audience
Newborn Care Common newborn symptoms from head to toe
Newborn Care Real newborn examination of a baby boy and baby girl
Newborn Care How to choose the right pediatrician and pediatric office
Newborn Care What to have at home when the newborn arrives
Newborn Care When to relax and when to call the pediatrician
Newborn Care An easy-to-use 12 page reference guide, highlighting normal newborn characteristics vs. when to call your pediatrician.

Ultimately, this newborn video will make the newborn experience more relaxing and enjoyable, all from the comfort of your own home!

The newborn video makes a great baby shower gift, present for new parents or family of the newborn, as well as taking the place of a newborn class. The newborn DVD and guide were created by two pediatric doctors and a clinical psychologist with over 50 years experience. Click here for more about the pediatricians. Click Here to purchase the newborn video and guide.