Newborn 101 “What parents need to know”

by Yvette Gulgneaux – Parent Times

newborn-care-media02There’s an old saying about babies, “People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have any.” Welcome to the world of newborns – a world filled with joy from a sweet new life and also with a wealth of questions that seem endless. Am I feeding my baby enough? My baby is spitting up a lot, is that normal? How long does jaundice last? Does the crying ever stop, what can I do? Newborn vaccinations, how do those work? How do I choose a pediatrician? What do I need to know about SIDS?

These questions turned into frequent panicked parents coming into the pediatric office of Dr. Mike Schoenwetter. “With all these questions, lots of parents are nervous and stressed out,” says Dr. Mike. “Our whole goal was to empower, creating a better new born experience for parents.” Dr. Mike’s passion for kids began years ago as a camp counselor and eventually became one with his love for medicine. He trained and did his chief residency at UCLA and has lived with his wife and two children in Santa Clarita since 2001. He admits having his own children has created a new perspective on kids and newborns.

“Raising kids is challenging enough, even for a pediatrician,” says Dr. Mike, “but at least I had knowledge, education and resources to draw from. We think parents should have the same advantage.”

Dr. Schoenwetter and Dr. Loraine Stern of Valencia Pediatrics, who are both UCLA veterans and have 50 years experience between them working with newborns, have developed some answers in a new series for parents entitled “Newborn 101.” The series includes an informative DVD, accompanied by a website with downloads list and a bulletin board for parents. A hardcopy handbook is also in the mix and it is all designed to empower parents with knowledge and tools about what is going on with their newborn.

The DVD covers a variety of topics such as newborn feeding, colic, crying, sleep patterns, jaundice, newborn reflux and SIDS, just to name a few. Dr. Mike even goes through a routine exam on camera for both boys and girls so that parents can see what happens and know exactly what to expect.

“Our whole goal of making this video is to answer frequent questions from a pediatrician’s point of view,” says Dr. Mike, “creating a better newborn experience for the parent and the child.” The idea being to give the parent tools they can use and to inform them that what their newborn is experiencing is not uncommon. A portion of the proceeds raised from Newborn 101 will be donated to the American Academy of Pediatrics Friends of the Children Fund.

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