Dr. Mike from Newborn Care 101 was quoted in two segments on how to “winterize” your newborn. These quotes appear in the December 2011 issue in the Snug This Winter article found on page 140.

LOS ANGELES, /PRNewswire/ — Newborn Care 101 (https://www.newborncare101.com), LLC
The creators of “Newborn Care 101 – What Parents Need To Know”, have recently announced discussing their newborn care video on CBS Radio as well as having their featured pediatrician, Dr. Mike, on The Doctors. Dr. Mike was recently a guest on the nationally syndicated daytime show, The Doctors, discussing how to Winterize your baby and gave out copies of the Newborn Care 101 DVD to their studio audience. In addition, Dr. Mike has recently become the resident pediatrician for the top baby shower site and continues to write for Brooke Burke’s mom based website,www.ModernMom.com.

“I am very excited about the recent media attention regarding educating parents and how a little knowledge can have such a huge impact on raising their children, ” states Michael Schoenwetter (Dr. Mike), a board certified pediatrician in practice for over 10 years. Furthermore, Dr. Lorraine Stern, the author of the Newborn Care 101 reference guide, that accompanies the Newborn Care 101 DVD, was recently on CBS Radio and discussed current pediatric issues. Dr. Loraine Stern is a board certified pediatrician who has authored and edited several books. She has been writing for Pampers and Proctor and Gamble’s Website for the last 15 years, and she wrote for Women’s Day Magazine for over 20 years.

About Newborn Care 101, LLC – www.newborncare101.com, is dedicated to the education of new parents and is the creator of “Newborn Care 101 – What Parents Need to Know” DVD and 12 page guide which include how to choose the right hospital and pediatrician, a newborn care class with a live audience, a baby’s first examination and all the common symptoms a newborn may have from head to toe. The DVD and company was founded by veteran pediatricians with over 50 years combined experience. A portion of the proceeds from the DVD sales are donated to the American Academy of Pediatrics – Friends of Children Fund.