Should Babies Lie on Pillows

Should Babies Lie on Pillows

Many mothers still often have questions about whether babies should lie on a pillow. When babies are only 1-2 months old, the bones are still very weak, when the baby lies pillow will easily damage the skull, head distortion and scoliosis oblique.

When to let a child lie on a pillow

To avoid the phenomenon of deflation, head distortion due to sleeping too long in a position, it is best for the baby to sleep only when he or she steps through the age of 2 years.

It is often compared to the “infant bone as a chicken bone, how you want to shape it” is not wrong. 

The spine system in newborns is a very weak straight line, when the mother puts her head on the pillow, the neck of the baby is twisted, there is a risk of deformity of the baby’s spine deformity

At this time, the neck bone and soft cartilage, the baby is not able to adjust his body so when the mother put the baby in an inappropriate position, the neck is folded so that the baby may choke milk, vomiting

If the mother still wants to put her baby on the pillow in the early stages, she should note:

The baby should only use pillows when the mother is focused and paying attention to the baby, when the mother sleeps or is busy cleaning, she should put a thin layer of towels for the baby to lie down.

Use for a smooth, soft pillow that does not contain small particles to avoid placing it in your mouth. The length of the pillow is only at shoulder level, do not let your baby lie on the pillow too big to prevent him from wiggling around and suffocating.

Pillows used for babies must be hypoallergenic, so it is better for mothers to buy baby leaves with clove leaves to reduce sweating and good for scalp.

Regularly wash your baby ‘s pillow because when the baby will suckle milk or sleep, the secretions the baby produces will help the bacteria to reproduce and harm the baby’ s delicate skin.

The harm of lying down on a baby

Mothers have the fear of not letting their babies lie on their knees to have a headache like themselves, that concept is completely wrong. The unpredictable harms of mothers’ lies need to be understood.

Possibility of allergies, bacteria

Babies have sensitive and delicate skin, so they are very susceptible to all kinds of pillows made from cotton balls or hard, stiff pillows. Mother can use the leaves from nature such as clove leaves or herbs, green bean shells to make pillows for babies.

But I have to pay attention to the hygiene of the intestines.

If you use the leaves and nails, the mother must wash away the dirt and air dry to avoid the dust that causes the baby to itch, uncomfortable leading to red spots on the scalp. 

If using green pea pods, make sure the mung beans are completely clean and free of pesticides. Use clean green beans, filter and wash them, then dry them in a clean environment to avoid moldy beans.

In all cases, the mother must keep the baby’s pillow clean, dirty and wash immediately to protect the baby’s skin.

Broken bones

Mothers need attention, children are not like us adults. Young bones are formed and formed in the first year of your baby’s birth. Therefore, the impact of the mother on the baby’s head will increase the deviation of the baby’s neck bone, affecting the spine bone, the risk of deformity is very high.

Only really necessary for babies to lie down when they reach 2 years old, bone age is stable.

The risk of sudden death

When sleeping, babies often have no sense of control over their own actions, nor do they know how to scream when something goes wrong. So in some cases, when babies practice turning, turning over at night, they unconsciously turn their face over into the pillow and the pillow is too high, which will cause suffocation in the baby.

This situation has happened quite a lot, so moms pay special attention to babies using pillows.

Through the article, should an infant lying on an unwanted pillow bring useful knowledge to help the mother take care of the baby?